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A mother from Huston, Texas, wanted to make a drastic change in her life after her husband cheated on her, so she lost nearly half of her weight: 70 pounds.

Betsy Ayala said there was one particular statement that helped her lose the weight over the past three years.

“You are circumstances right now do not define your future,” the woman, Betsy Ayala, told Topress.in in Houston during a recent interview.

Ayala fought with her weight throughout her 20s, maxing out at 214 pounds while she is pregnant. After giving birth, she encountered postpartum depression, and things took the different downward turn during the holiday season.

When it comes to losing weight, people follow all sorts of diet plan with a hope that it will help them lose weight. While some diets work, some don’t. Some weight loss plan encourages people to leave a pool of sweat in the gym.

Ayala also tried the most people do when facing their expanding waistlines and declining health is to try every popular diet or fitness plan that comes along weird “cleanses” pre-packaged foods buying tons of diet books and workout DVDs. However, for most people, none of that works.

The truth is the most diets is not getting enough nutrition, even though the guide listing a lot of “healthy food”! Diets and Gimmicks do not work because they are only effective as long as “people on” them.

Most of these methods or gimmicky schemes are bad for your health, moreover, even if people lose weight you immediately balloon back up higher than before. Moreover, finally, people probably end up with more aches and pains, as well as more embarrassment and shame than they used had, to begin with!

What would happen if Ayala just does nothing? If Ayala just keep doing what you have been doing? She will keep getting heavier, sicker and what she lose isn’t just her health, her dignity, her life, and in many real-life stories her husband.

“2 days after Christmas, I saw my husband at the time was being unfaithful, and it turned my world upside down,” Ayala told us.

To make matters worse, Ayala found Facebook messages between her husband and his mistress where the pair called her “cow” and “fat,” she said.

“I was confused. I found out through these messages I read on my ex-husband’s Facebook where they were calling me “a cow” and “a fat f***” and just marvelous me, and my whole world fell apart,” she told us.

Ayala once planned the perform the popular surgical procedure in Hollywood; many women are now spending up to $12,000 for a surgical procedure called “Bariatric Surgery.” The Goal of Bariatric Surgery is mainly to the formation of nutritional malnutrition in patients with physiological conditions.
Clearly, this approach is not for everyone.
However, it does point to a problem- if only getting slim, and good shape were an easy task. It is unfortunate, but most of the diets, weight loss plan and weight loss pill on the market are not only hard to follow they just purely not healthy.

While the couple tried to make it work, ultimately they got a divorce. By that point, Ayala already started to follow the yoga guide: Yoga Burn. Eventually, what began as a goal to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight turned into a 73-pound weight loss.

“I did not do it to get back at him,” Ayala said. “Initially of course, when you are angry, you are like ‘Oh my God, just see what I am gonna do,’ yet I think I did it for my daughter and myself.”

However, Ayala said she did not have a strong determination like most of us. She accidently finds a short yoga clip filmed by Zoe Bray-Cotton on Youtube.

“Yoga poses was not easy for me during that time because of my size even the easiest high lunge, crescent variation,” Ayala said. “I do want to lose weight, but I never thought yoga could work. The reason I search for yoga on YouTube is to make peace. I watched for countless basic standing yoga pose videos only I can only understand what Zoe’s instruction so I join Zoe’s Yoga Burn program.”

Ayala hopes her journey teaches her now 3-year-old girl about persistence and a proof of others who are facing the similar problems, changing is the only way to fix things.

“Going through the struggles, you come back stronger than ever, as this stuff that happened to you, and happen to you for a reason — for you to grow and learn. I want my girl to know more than anything that solution is in you.”

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